With FileBigo, you will gain access to an extremely easy–to–navigate website building tool. It’s truly simple as ABC and it has an interface that is guaranteed to be immediately recognizable to everybody who has ever dealt with an admin interface. The website building tool features plenty of exceptional design themes which you can edit with a click of the mouse and create a website to your liking. And best of all, every site template is mobile–optimized, so your new website will look and feel amazing on any device right away.

The website building tool is a part of the FileBigo Web Hosting Control Panel, offered with all web hosting packages, VPS web hosting, semi-dedicated hosting packages, and dedicated servers hosting plans.

A simple–to–operate website building tool

No technical background is needed

The website building tool included in the FileBigo dashboard is truly user friendly. It permits you to build your site via simple point&click commands. You will not have to know CSS or other web development language. If you’ve already employed a web application or simply a text editing app, then you will already know how to use the website building tool.

With its dashboard, you can reorder page elements as you want and customize their style with just a click of the mouse. Apart from that, you can insert images, videos, and even your own e–cart, etc. in seconds.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

An assortment of easy–to–redesign designs

Super cool design themes that look excellent across mobile devices

It doesn’t matter what type of website you choose to construct, the FileBigo’s website building tool has a value to you. It offers a vast library of 100% free design templates that are perfect for any kind of websites – personal pages, online shops, community portals, etc.

To make your site even more attractive right from the start you can leverage the number of unique design layouts and color setups included along with every website theme. Moreover, every site template has native support for over 100 fonts which you can change with a mouse click. Plus, you’ll gain immediate access to a big library of stock photos.

Should you wish to change your website theme further down the road, all customizations you have completed will be switched over to the new website theme as well.

An assortment of easy–to–redesign designs