RAM, which stands for Random Access Memory, is a computer storage media which is accessed considerably quicker than a disk drive, because the info can be read randomly, skipping the bytes before the needed info is reached. On a web server, the RAM is employed to load scripts and web programs when they are executed, so the more RAM you can use, the more programs you shall be able to run simultaneously and the more people will be able to explore your websites without any effect on the site’s/server’s overall performance. Unlike a disk drive, however, the RAM is employed for short-term storage purposes, since the information is lost once the power is shut off. In case you use a shared web hosting account, the physical memory that your scripts can use may be limited and could change based upon what the some other clients on the same server use. Using a virtual or a dedicated web server, however, you'll have a fixed amount of RAM that won't be used by others even when you do not use it at a given time.

Guaranteed RAM in VPS Web Hosting

When you get a virtual private server through our company, you'll have a allocated amount of RAM readily available all the time. We set up the VPS accounts on highly effective hardware nodes with plenty of physical memory, so once a new virtual server is set up, the RAM is allocated completely to it in line with the exact features of the specific package. We never re-allocate RAM from a VPS that does not use all of its system resources to one which needs more resources, so you will be able to use the features of your package at their full capacity at any time. We create just a few VPS accounts on a physical server and we make sure that it provides a sufficient amount of memory to permit all the customers on it to upgrade the RAM that their hosting servers are using without affecting the other accounts.

Guaranteed RAM in Dedicated Servers Hosting

When you get one of our dedicated server solutions, you will get a top-notch hosting server with enough RAM to run even several resource-demanding web applications with no effect on the overall functionality of any of them. Since we test every single hardware component before we use it when we assemble a server, we shall make sure that the RAM sticks aren't malfunctioning and that the server works flawlessly. The physical memory which you will get shall be available all the time, so even in times where you utilize just a part of it for a period of time, we will not change the configuration. You will be able to check the hardware, including the amount of RAM that you have, in the billing CP.